G Spot Stimulator Things To Know Before You Buy

The term BEST is such an understatement word for this bunny vibrator! Not even the term perfect can measure how every woman would describe this lousy rabbit sex toy.

Who can even locate a vibrator which has 3 motors with seven distinct powerful vibrations? Remember, you may just find that in Adam and Eve Sex Toys Shop. Nothing else.

Adam and Eve's G3 Massager has bulbous shaft design which makes it effortless for a girl to feel that curved realistic pleasure. It is made from silicone material that's very smooth and flexible making every girl adore this rabbit vibrator more because it can literally go deep down bending its bunny ears up and down just to touch that erotic Best Vibrators zones.

It hits directly your vaginal spot, g spot and clit, which would be the most sensitive areas of women. Have a privacy for the Sexy Me Time as you take along with you that this rabbit sex massager in the swimming pool, a bathtub or shower.

Worry not if the power could empty, only simply recharge it BOOM! You're good to go for another rounds of screaming orgasm!

Experience the vibe thats as extraordinary as you are. The G3s flexible silicone shaft delivers fantastic thrust with a exceptional bulb layout topped off with an orgasmic G-Spot massaging tip. In front soft bunny ears flick your clitoris with intense vibrations. 3 motors at the tip centre and bunny strike all of your hot spots for triple the sensation. Rechargeable for unlimited pleasure. Clean up is simple with Adam and Eve Toy Cleaner.

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